Our Production Lines

Surge has invested in the number one LPG manufacturing technology using a fully automated manufacturing line of Turkish origin. The line has played a very significant role in ensuring Surge production is efficient and effective. LPG Cylinder Production is composed of several sheet metal forming, surface treatment and testing processes. The production process is grouped into the following lines;

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The Cylinder Body Forming Line

The process of cylinder forming begins with loading the sheet material to the working area through blanking to the last deep drawing action and cylinder embossing as per the client requirement. In LPG Cylinder Body Forming Line, LPG Cylinder halves are formed.

Trimming and Beading Line

In this stage, LPG Cylinder halves are trimmed and beaded.

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Guard (Collar) Ring Production Lin

The guard ring protects the valve, which is the most sensitive part of the LPG cylinder, from damage and enables easier handling of the cylinder. The guard rings make it possible for cylinders to be stack upon each other for easier transportation and storage.

Bottom Ring Production Line

The bottom rings help prevent the damage LPG cylinders’ from the bottom. The bottom rings enhance storage and transportation as the cylinders can easily stack on each other. The designs are according to the customer’s needs and in line with KEBS standards.

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Welding line

Here, two complete halves are welded together as one piece to maintain consistent welding in the joints and form a complete cylinder. The process is carried out meticulously to ensure that the two halves are safely welded together within the desired pressure levels. Besides the body welding, flange welding, double head welding, guard ring, and body ring welding are also carried out at this stage where they are welded into the main body of the cylinder.

Heat Treatment Furnace Line

The cylinders pass through the oven from entry to exit side on the conveying system for proper heat treatment process between 875 0C to 920 0C of temperature including preheating, heating and cooling steps. This step is critical as it works to relieve all the stresses caused by the cylinder forming and welding operations.

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Hydrostatic Test Line

The hydrostatic testing is carried out on the heat-treated LPG cylinders to increase the internal pressure up to 35 bars to aid in visual inspection for any leakages or if the sheet material has some holes/cracks on it as a defect.

Shot Blasting Line

The blasting machine is used to automatically to clean the surface of the LPG cylinders for paint works. This is done by blasting off the grit material coming from the turbines of the machine in the confined chamber.

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Metallization Line

This involves zinc spraying of the cylinders to aid in corrosion protection and therefore increases durability and overall lifetime of LPG Cylinders.

Painting Line

We do powder painting and our surface coating line has the capacity to coat approximately 250 cylinders in an hour. The cylinders undergo various coats of paints starting with the primary coat and finalising with the paint curing.

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Valving And Pneumatic Line

Using the pneumatic leakage testing at the final stage, the cylinders are tested against any leakage at the valve region.

Screen Printing Line

Using the approved customer brand name and/or logo, screen printing is done at the agreed-upon parts of the cylinder – body, guard or bottom rings. The cylinders are now ready for dispatch to the customer when all the required steps are adhered to and each step receives clearance for the next level.

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The Production Process

Deep Drawing
Trimming & Joggling
Guard Ring Formation
Foot Ring Formation
Submerged Arc Welding
Foot Ring & Guard Ring Mig Welding
Circumferential Saw Welding
Heat Treatment
Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
Shot Blasting (surface treatment)
Zinc Coating (surface treatment)
Powder Coating (surface treatment)
Valving & Application of Thread Locker
Pnuematic Leakage Test
Heat Treatment of Powder Paint
Cleaning of Flange Thread
Vacuumized Purging